The Academy of New World Historians

Exploring the History of the Five Worlds


LopaliLopali is often referred to as the spiritual center of  The Five Worlds.  Alternatively, it is also nicknamed “hell” in some circles.  Lopali is the natural home of the winged humans knows as fliers.  It was designed for them, and they were designed for Lopali.  Only there do the fliers look natural.

On Lopali, fliers teach seekers from all over the world.  They teach of beauty, of perfection, of the dance in the air.  They teach giving and contemplation.  They transform some of the elite of the Five Worlds into beings with open hearts. This is the part of Lopali that encompasses the concept of Heaven.

Yet the fliers themselves are enslaved to powerful forces on Silver’s Home that own their genetics, and control their very right to reproduce.  Flier children are born on Silver’s home and shaped for Lopali on the great transport ships that bring them to the terraformed moon.  Many die en-route, or fail and arrive with their wings literally clipped from their backs. This is the part of Lopali that encompasses the concept of Hell.

Physically, Lopali is very beautiful from the air.  It appears idealized, like a planet sprung from the heart of an artist more than a real place.  It has five rounded continents that together take up about a third of the surface.   Lopali’s cities, and even its roads, are often circular or designed to reflect the sacred geometry hidden in the math of the Universe.

stream created July 23rd, 231.