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Akashi led the west band of the roamers.  Akashi spent much energy protecting and nuturing his adopted son, Liam, and helping out the other altered children of Fremont like Chelo and Jospeh.

Chelo describes Akashi as tall and slightly bent in around the shoulders, probably fifty or more years old, and his gray hair hanging in a long braid behind him.  The first time she saw him, Akashi wore a red and black performers’ costume, with white and tan beads and shells sewn into the shoulders and along the hem of his loose pants.  She remembers his sense of humor, and the way he brought stories to life for the children in the colony, acting out the behaviors of  snakes and birds and demon dogs.  This is how he appeared to the people of Artistos, but to to his band, he was a quiet and effective leader, most often dressed in camoflage and capable of killing Fremont’s daunting big game when necessary.

A specialist in biology, Akashi took the greatest pleasure at finding new species of plants or animals to bring back to Artistos.  His co-leader was his wife, Mayah, a quiet woman with great inner strength.

stream created August 16th, 231.