The Academy of New World Historians

Exploring the History of the Five Worlds


Chelo Lee is simply the hero of the Academy.  It is Chelo’s purity and drive, the crystalline structure of her love not only for Joseph, but for all of us, that made the New World available.  It is because of Chelo that we are alive today.

By the time our founder, Sister Mary Martin Moss, met Chelo, she was an old woman.  Her beauty still existed, of course, hidden under the lines and sags and pale skin of the aged.  After all, that beauty had lived for hundreds of years with the body of a younger.  But in her last years she chose to age.  She said it was in honor of Paloma, and of Fremont from where she was born.  She said to age was to honor the original humanity of all of us.

The story of Chelo’s life begins in The Silver Ship and the Sea, the first part of her tale that was recorded and then made public by Sister Moss.

stream created August 16th, 231.