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The roamers live only on Fremont.  They are  two bands of scientists (west and east)  who travel in wheeled carts pulled by hebras.  Oddly enough, they are not named for directions, but rather for old academic alliances in the planet Fremont’s settlers fled, Deerfly.  Many roamers die of the multitude of dangers that plague Fremont, and it is their sacrifice that gives the settlers the know-how they need to survive Fremont’s fickle flora and fauna.

The roamers come to Fremont’s only town, Artistos, twice a year – once in fall and once in spring.  They stay in town for a few days, trading goods and bringing and sharing knowledge.

Liam grew up in the West Band, during the time when Akashi and his wife Mayah led the band.  Akashi and Mayah gave Liam a free hand to be himself, and allowed him to use his genetic enhancements to benefit the band.   This worked so well, and Liam became so well-liked, that he was eventually considered Akashi’s heir apparent.

While it is appropriate to say that Liam was raised in the west band, Alicia was more like a captive in the east band.  The band leader, Ruth, punished her any time that she showed initiative or acted true to her nature as a human engineered to take risks.   This, of course, eventually showed itself as bad policy and deepened the rift between the Children of Fremont and its settlers.

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