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Of all of the six Children of Fremont, Alicia is almost certainly the least understood.  She was designed to take risks.  Is a situation where rational people will step back from the edge of a cliff, Alicia will leap into the air and test her ability to fly.  She is all about action.  When others like Chelo take a slower and more measured approach, Alicia loses it and acts.

This alone would make her a severe problem for the group, and probably kill her early.  But she was bred not only to take risks, but to have an innate ability to assess the actual fulcrum of the risk.  That means she knows when to time the leap into the abyss.

To this day, debates rage in the halls of university classes where one group asserts that Alicia saved us all and another that she nearly ruined the perfect effort of the others.  We suggest readers come to their own conclusions.

stream created August 17th, 231.