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Bryan is the single strongman amongst Fremont’s Children.  He is fiercely loyal to the other five, and to Jenna, and is the one who pushed them when they were young.  Bryan drilled the seven and ten and twelve year old Chelo and Joseph and Kayleen to race and climb and work out.

In the part of the story told in The Silver Ship and the Sea, it is Bryan who most celebrates who they are, and yet it is also Bryan who is most ashamed of their differences.

By way of explanation, Bryan grew up ill-treated.  Thus his sensitivity to prejudice.  The world should be fair, and yet he knows it isn’t, and he wants to personally resolves everything unfair.  He is willing to use his fists to do so, if necessary.

One of the keys to understanding Bryan is to know that he has loved Chelo with all his heart for as long as he can remember.  Her safety drives the young Bryan, and he spends his older teen years dreaming of holding her and kissing her, and more. He doesn’t even mind that she sees him more as a friend.  It is enough for him to be in her presence.

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