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Joseph of Fremont was born with extraordinary capabilities.  He could read the wind of data with the best of them.  Joseph understood the rhythm of cells, the vibration of life, and the knowledge available in the very air on a planet saturated with data.  Trained by the brilliant political manipulator Marcus, Joseph adopted many of Marcus’ beliefs in his early life.  These included the idea that people with his power were beholden to honor the individual choices of the life they made.

From the beginning, Joseph was designed to work best in tandem with his sister Chelo, and this core truth remained a central theme in all of the stories that we have gathered about his life.

Like Chelo, Joseph was born on the colony planet Fremont, where he honed the beginnings of the power that eventually swallowed him on the everyday dangers of the wild on Fremont.

stream created August 17th, 231.