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Like Joseph, Kayleen is a wind reader.  She lacks his strength, and must work very hard to accomplish a part of what Joseph can.  It is a good thing that Kayleen grew up well-loved by her adoptive mother, the Artistos’ apothecary Paloma.  It is that love, and the foundation which that gives the young Kayleen, that gets her through ther terrifying moments when it feels like her very soul is becoming diffuse and being blown free of her body by the burning wind of data.

Kayleen’s mind is sharp but somewhat unfocused.  A single paragraph of conversation with Kayleen often skips across the surface of five ideas, as if she were a water spider gliding across the top of life, sensitive to the surface tension, and often able to move very fact – flitting from one place to another.

Kayleen is also the only one of Fremont’s Children besides the strongman Bryan to have a physical manifestation of her altered state.  She has big feet.  They help her climb, hinder her running, and give the regular children in Artistos  something to tease her about.

stream created August 17th, 231.