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Chelo, Kayleen, and Liam explore Islandia, one of two continents on Fremont, in Reading the Wind.

Islandia’s dominant feature is a great, active mountain range called Islandia’s Teeth.  This range rises up literally from underwater, beginning as islands, and then forming the backbone of the continent and falling on the other side back to a chain of islands.  Theories suggest Islandia would be twice as long if it has completed the job of rising from the sea.

The continent is bisected at almost the exact middle by the Fire River, a slow-moving run of lava that is completely impassable.

Islandia’s plants are about half the same as those found on the other continent, Jini.  The animals are more different.  Demon dogs are bigger.  There are no native hebras, but instead a distant ancestor, knows as grazers, serves as top of the chain prey.  They survive as a species by being very, very prolific.

Many say the first battle of the Making War was fought on Islandia.

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