The Academy of New World Historians

Exploring the History of the Five Worlds


Artistos is a walled city on the colony planet Fremont. The Lace River runs through Artistos. On one side there is a community planned and designed for more people than have ever been able to survive on Fremont. Across the river, there are factories where goods are made by hand. This is a holdover pattern of the thinking that makes the original humans unique, and so the town is like the town that live far in the human past, in a world we haven’t changed by becoming the creators of all things that we need.

The walls are the most distinguishing feature. Or at least, the most important. Outside of the walls, there are yellow snakes and fanged paw cats and roving bands of dangerous demon dogs. Inside, the most dangerous thing is the mistrust – or in some cased hatred – between Chelo and and her family and the “original humans.”

The walls are electronic, and Joseph and eventually Kayleen are able to enhance them far beyond the colonist’s dreams. This makes them popular, and yet it builds resentment. The Silver Ship and the Sea begins with damage done to these walls.

stream created August 30th, 231.