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High Road

The High Road, on Fremont, winds up the cliffs behind Artistos, the only town on the colony planet.  It is wide enough to take a single-file line of wagons, and sometimes they can even go double or triple.  Water and trees run down to it in many places.  In some areas only rocks and scree and the occasional  hardy plant or small wind-wrecked tree hand above the travelers.

On the right of someone climbing up the High Road  there lies a long fall down into a valley where Artistos lies in relative safety between the cliffs that the High Road climbs, and the cliffs between Artistos and the grass plains that spread below the town.

From about half-way up the High Road and beyond to the top, the town is small and tucked neatly out of view, but the grass plains and the sea beyond make for a fascinating vista.  The Lace River, which runs through Artistos, appears as a blue snake with white scales made of rocks and rapids.

At the bottom of the High Road, near Artistos, the boundary walls of the town measure friend and foe alike as they pass:  human, paw cat, demon dog, hebra.

At the top of the High Road, before it forks, there is a camp that is used as a staging area for the two bands of roamers that come in and out of town twice a year.   This camp has corrals, tents, simple structures, a few large fire pits, and a few gathering areas.  Up to a few hundred people, wagons, and associated animals like hebras, dogs, and goats can be kept there for a night or two at a time.

Halfway down the High Road, there is a large rock fall that is difficult to negotiate both because it is, in fact, in the way, and also because it is a reminder of tragedy.

stream created August 31st, 231.