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Paw Cat

Paw cats are Fremont predators.  They walk so their backs are waist high to humans, and particularly large males can meet a humans gaze levelly.  They are the teeth and claws of Fremont.

Paw cats hunt small game alone, usually in the forests.  But  every summer, just around mating season, during the time when the hebra herds graze the human-tall grass of the grass plains, the paw cats converge and hunt in packs. As big as they are, they grass seems to part for them.  Even wily old watch-hebras often miss the early signs of a converging hunt.

A paw cat pack is smaller and more silent than demon dogs, and far more deadly, especially in late summer and fall when they are putting on fat for cold winter.

Roamers who have killed paw cats often wear the teeth on their clothes or use them to decorate their wagons.  While it is rare to see the teeth of a dead paw cat,  it is deadly to see the teeth of living ones.

stream created September 4th, 231.