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If your kid is into gaming then there’s a few things you need to know. Firstly gaming isn’t what it once was. It’s no longer just about sitting down to play your favourite games in front of a screen, it’s about getting involved with the community and engaging other people who have similar interests.

This means streaming services, youtube videos, blogs and other online content where your kid can interact with other people and learn everything about a particular set of games. Another crucial thing you need to know about is the latest technology.

The technology behind gaming changes so fast it’s easy to miss out on what’s going on. For gaming and getting into the gaming world then you definitely need to know all about capture cards.

What is a Capture Card?

Elgato HD60S card capture and elite controllerCapture cards are used when you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level. It’s very simply a device that allows you to record your gameplay. It stores the data and can be set up so that your live feed to broadcast directly through youtube or twitch. You can even record your gaming sessions to watch back later or upload when you have time.

Capture cards can be used for all gaming devices and people use them for console gaming and PC gaming. While some of these come with built in capture cards the external capture cards are a lot more specialist and can do a much better job.

So if you want to take your gaming to the next level, show off your skills and maybe even build yourself a following then you’ll absolutely need a capture card.

Recording Games

Recording and streaming gameplay is one of the most popular trends in the gaming world. People do it primarily to share their content. Often it’s to raise their own profile and build a name for themselves. If you’re good at a game then why not, show your skill and share the action!

Others do it to help others improve by showing them the tricks of the trade. Some others also stream as they learn a game, watching back the footage lets them improve their performance for next time.

Some others just love to get involved with the community and sharing content is a great way to engage with other people.

Fully Using Capture Cards

Capture cards are used to record and upload footage. It makes the whole process seamless and simple, with no challenges to speak of. A capture card also lets you edit footage. This is invaluable if you have a lot of footage that you want to cut down to a manageable chunk.

Capture cards can also be used to add extra features to your content with some effects. They keep the stream going smoothly and even out any lag problems you might suffer from.

So now you see the importance of capture cards for gamers you know exactly what to get your kid. Check out 2017’s best gaming capture cards here.