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Welcome to the Library of the Academy of New World Historians.  The library contains partial text from the Academy’s premier publications on the life of Chelo Lee and her family.  We will also add articles about topics of interest or new stories written in the world as they are completed.  Some are complete stories, others are fragments, or descriptions.

Here is a description of the three books that have been completed:

The Silver Ship and the Sea: This story chronicles the early life of the six children who were abandoned on Fremont as spoils of war.  Introduce yourself to Chelo, Joseph, Alicia, Bryan, Kayleen, and Liam.  Here you will meet Akashi, an early influence on Chelo.  Some of our historians speculate that without Akashi as an early guiding light, Chelo would never have been able to blossom under Mohami’s guidance on the flier’s planet of Lopali.  Here, you will also see how danger honed and sharpened out heroes, and experience the group’s first rebellion as told directly by Chelo in the first person.

Reading the Wind: This tale includes the seeds of the war, and explains how hatred and fear drove the schism that became the first smoking fissure in the Making War.  Here, Marcus is introduced.  Perhaps the most important influence on Joseph of Fremont, and perhaps also the only man in The Five Worlds who had the strength of will to mold Joseph for good.

Wings of Creation:Explores the last-ditch effort to avert the war through providing freedom for the powerful and tortured fliers of Lopali.  It is here that Chelo meets Mohami, that she loses a member of her family, and that she nearly loses her life via the betrayal of a friend.

From time to time, stories will be added to the library. These may be stories that are not in the books. To help new researchers find them, we will link to them here:

The Day the Small Ship Flew Over the Sea

When Liam Joined the Band