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The Hebras and the Demons and The Damned available now!

October 5th, 231 → 

The story The Hebras and the Demons and the Damned is now out in the December 2010 Analog!  Pick up a copy for the earliest story yet of the colony that founded Fremont. 

The Hebras and the Demons and the Damned

June 15th, 231 → 

This is a new story set early in Fremont’s life, before the events in The Silver Ship and the Sea occur.  It will be in the science fiction magazine Analog soon.  We’ll let you know when we know which issue!

Brenda Cooper to Appear at Rusty Con

January 6th, 231 → 

Brenda will be in Seatac, Washington, at Rustycon on the evening of January 15th and all day January 16th.   The theme for the convention is all about steampunk, which is a fun mash-up of science fiction and the bawdy side of the Victorian age.   More information is available at

Brenda Cooper to read on Friday the 13th

November 8th, 231 → 

Join Brenda and other Seattle-area authors Jack Skillingstead and Louise Marley at the University Bookstore at 7:00 PM on Friday the 13th of November.

Samuel Montgomery-Blinn wins a book!

November 4th, 231 → 

This is the fifth book we’ve given away through this site. At Samuel’s request, he’ll get The Silver Ship and the Sea. There are two more drawings left – one for a grand prize of the whole series in hardcover. Use the contact form to send an email if you’d like to enter, or DM Brenda Cooper using @brendacooper on Twitter. Thanks!

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Brenda Cooper to be featured on Seattle Geekly podcast

October 21st, 231 → 

Seattle Geekly (@seattlegeekly on Twitter) will be carrying a podcast with Brenda Cooper.  The podcast features information about the books, about this site, and about Brenda.  Listen for it!  In fact, Seattle Geekly is worth listening to regularly if you live in the greater Seattle area, since they feature lot of local entertainment that people interested in the Academy might like.

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Reading date changed for Wayward Coffeehouse

October 10th, 231 → 

Brenda Cooper’s reading at the Wayward Coffeehouse will now be on November 21st.  This will be a late-night fun event.  Books will be given away.  Stories will be read.  The new date is better, too, since WINGS OF CREATION will be available.

New story released to the library

September 30th, 231 → 

The Academy is pleased to announce that Reading the Wind is out in paperback.  In honor of its release, we have posted a new story in the library.

The new story is a bit that happens offstage to the action in the book, and is the first part of the overall story that has been narrated by Bryan.  Well, actually, Chelo told it to us, but she swears she had it through Bryan.  The story relates what happens to Bryan as he walks down the Street of All Designs, which is  a true historical place that existed on Silver’s Home.  In fact, places much like it still exist today.

@ShellyRaeClift wins a book

September 14th, 231 → 

And there is another chance coming up.  Go to our contact page and let me know you visited the Academy of New World Historians on the web, and I’ll enter you in the drawing.  A new book every week – winners choice of the mass market edition of The Silver Ship and the Sea, mass market edition of Reading the Wind (as soon as it’s available later this month) or an Advanced Review Copy of Wings of Creation.

Each entrant stays in the drawing, and at the end of the ten week long book giveaway, I’ll send one winner a full set of the three hardback editions.

Comment for a chance to win a book

September 4th, 231 → 


We are so excited about the newest finished part of the this tale coming out on November 10th, that we’re giving one book a week away to someone who comments here (or on the announcement post at  Most of the books will be paperback editions of The Silver Ship and Sea or of Reading the Wind, but we will also give away one hardcover copy of Wings of Creation.

Even better, every entrant will have a chance at a hardback set of all three books, to be shipped out in November as soon as we get copies of Wings of Creation.

Be sure to include some way to reach you, and tell us your opinion of the site.  If you can, call out something you like or that you don’t like, and maybe offer up an idea.

Thanks so much!