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Silver’s Home

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Silver's HomeSilver’s Home is the greatest economic powerhouse of the Five Worlds system.  Like Islas, Silver’s Home started out as habitable planet, and was one of the first two places settled when humans came to the system.

Where Islas offered a ordered life from the beginning, Silver’s home started – and remains – a chaos of generally-friendly competition to create ever more interesting physical forms – including life.  Alliances shift.  Power is held in pockets scattered between Affinity Groups (people sharing economic interests and ownership in products) and the Port Authority.  The Port Authority is the closest thing to a single planetary government body.  It collects taxes and dues on everything coming in and out of the system and then provides peacekeepers and courts, rewards and punishment, and a military force.  It is supposed to have almost no power over other aspects of daily life.

Because of the deep cultural celebration of creating the new, Silver’s Home now looks very different than when the founders arrived.  Whole new islands and continents have been created, both anchored and floating.  Species that could never have evolved naturally now swim in the seas there, and live in compounds created and managed by humans.

Microclimates abound.

Waterways change.

The highest form of individual power belongs to the makers.  Almost all affinity groups have makers, and they also exist inside the Port Authority and in some case, as free agents.

Space stations and ships ring Silver’s Home, which trades with nearly everyone.   For example, the people who created Lopali from the dead lump of a gas-giant moon and moved it into a habitable orbit around the sun came from Silver’s Home.  Rumor has it it that almost all good and almost all evil begins there.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

ParadiseParadise is not strictly a planet; it started as a moon.  Paradise was terraformed decades ago and, in a tremendous feat of engineering, moved into a planetary orbit around its star.

The people of Paradise live both on land and beneath the waves.  Domed underwater cities dot the bottom of the planet’s considerable oceans.

In size, Paradise is slightly larger than Lopali.  Unlike Lopali, which was created by a single affinity group from Silver’s Home and is the most uniform ecosystem in the Five Worlds, Paradise began inhabited life as a place for experimentation and play by many aligned groups.  While much of the planet is designed to test extremes (For example, underwater and high altitude living with genetic modifications), it is also a place to do business outside of the reach of the Port Authority.

Although each enclave or living area as defined by a specific affinity group has its own rules and laws, Paradise links those rules loosely through a Governing Council.  This council includes one representative from each of the affinity groups that own more than five percent of the surface area.   In the years leading up to the Making War, the council included thirteen people.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

FremontFirst, Fremont is not one of the Five Worlds.  It orbits a different star, and is the only habitable planet in its system.

Fremont matters because it birthed our heroes, the Children of Fremont.  Chelo and her brother were born there, and didn’t come to the Five Worlds until they were fully-formed young adults.

The most common theories suggest that they became so capable because Fremont is dangerous.  Predators as big as humans stalk the wild plains, and almost every plant and animal has a bite or a sting.   Although there is little land, the environment is lush and nearly tropical.  Fecund.

Fremont has two continents,  Jini and Islandia.
Islandia sits above the equator with Islandia’s teeth pointing toward the equator, and the southernmost bit is the volcano that feeds the Fire River.  The fiver flows into the sea on two sides – completely bisecting the continent . Near the Fire River, the landscape is sere and rugged.  Lava beds and empty plains with hot spots and  hardy grasses.  And then the green starts, and the rest of Islandia on both sides is lush.  Glaciated volcanoes (some still active), rivers, meadows, streams.  From Islandia’s Teeth, the land falls to meet the sea, often in cliffs but sometimes in  long easy slopes to rocky beaches.  Islandia is wild.

Jini is a bit more settled.  Like Islandia, Jini has a great volcano, other smaller mountains, and crater lakes.  It is here that the Silver Ship and the Sea is set in the single city, Artistos, which perches on a cliff by the Lace River above the grass plains, where the Silver Ship itself stood waiting for all our heroes formative years, a mystery and a beacon for them.  It is on Jini that the roamers forage for scientific knowledge and bring back stories and samples.  It is here that Akashi and his people helped to protect Liam and Chelo and the others like them.

Fremont has many moons, and on any time when three are visible in the night sky at once, good luck is said to folllow.

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Joy Heaven

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Joy HeavenOn Islas, people wear simple clothes, live to be productive, and follow rules.  Joy Heaven is Islas’s alter ego.

It is also the only one of the Five Worlds that was made from scratch.  Some people suggest that it is more a space station than a planet, or that it is Islas’s dog since it follows the larger planet around in its orbit.  Others say it is way too large to be a station, and that its atmosphere makes it a planet.  In our opinion, it is a planet because it has the political influence of a planet.  It has a military force, rules and laws, and citizens who are clearly not crew.

Joy Heaven is the smallest of the Five Worlds, and has the fewest people who live there all the time.  But at any given moment, it may be behind only Islas and Silver’s Home in current population. After all, while Islas was dreamed up for safety and productivity, its people birthed Joy Heaven for happiness and pleasure.  One of the dictates of Joy Heaven is that what happens there stays there.  A crime committed on Joy Heaven can be prosecuted there, but nowhere else.  A dalliance between two heads of state will go un-reported, as will a dalliance between a ship’s captain and a serving wench from his bar.

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