The Academy of New World Historians

Exploring the History of the Five Worlds

The Academy

There are times in the life of all long-term human civilizations when they teeter at the edge of a cliff.  Some fall into extinction.  Some walk the edge for generations, sometimes in more danger than others, and yet always close enough for fear.  Others fall from the cliff, burn on their own brightness, and fly.

For these, it is often a single force that lifts them into the sky, frees them from the gravity of being human, and lets them become something more.

For the Five Worlds, the force that saved them was simple.  It was a family of six children that they sculpted perfectly, and then abandoned for dead on the colony planet Fremont.

Chelo, Joseph, Kayleen, Alicia, Bryan, Liam.

These are their names.

There are many stories that have been told about these six.  The Academy exists so that the true stories may be remembered.  It is our sole purpose in life to sift the many legends and tales of Fremont’s Children to find the real truth of their lives.  There may be some future when we or another civilization needs these stories to fly.