The Academy of New World Historians

Exploring the History of the Five Worlds

Our Mission

The Academy exists to find and save the true stories of Fremont’s Children.  We honor all six, and the extended family, even though one died on Lopali, and others died in the Making War.

We started decades ago.  Sister Mary Martin Moss invited Chelo to her home, and there she fed and nurtured Chelo.  All that she asked in trade was Chelo’s story.  The beginning of that story became the book “The Silver Ship and the Sea.”

Our mission is to continue to publish and tell and re-tell Chelo’s story, and the stories of those who helped Chelo and her brother Joseph of Fremont.  While some histories suggest that Joseph was the only true driving force that created the New World out of the old one, we know that without Chelo he would have been lost.  Without his sister, Joseph’s ideas would not have been complete, and the fractured society that existed after the Making War would not have put itself back together.

Chelo Lee is the spiritual center of Fremont’s children, and here we save that kernel of truth.  There are, after all, many places to explore Joseph of Fremont’s life.  This is one of them.  We have not neglected Joseph or any of the others.

This is  the only place where Chelo is properly celebrated.